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  • Luminous flux convergence, innovation case | 2022 – stone BBS suzhou optical fusion innovation development

      The 2022 Xunstone Suzhou Optical Communication Integration Innovation And Development Forum will be held in Suzhou International Expo Center on June 24, bringing together optical communication enterprises and research institutions in the field of photonics in Suzhou and other regions to ex...
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  • Drop FTTH cable patch product process.

    SC/APC-SC /APCPre-Connectorized Optical Fiber Drop Cable produce precess   1. FTTH cable is cut into different lengths according to patch cord requirements, normally from 1m to 300m, but we can also cut according to other requirements.  This is the first step in making the patch cord. 2...
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  • Drop FTTH cable patch cord standard

    SC/APCPre-Connectorized Optical Fiber Drop Cable Test method 1 Terms and definitions 1.1 Name:Pre-Connectorized Optical Fiber Drop Cable 1.2  Requirement of Pre-Connectorized Optical Fiber Drop Cable 1.3  Structure Requirements Pre-Connectorized Optical Fiber Drop Cable is composed of butter...
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